Air Dry Clay Crafts

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at air dry clay crafts and after numerous youtube tutorials, researching, and of course, buying the materials needed, I finally got around to it. I first tried the DIY cold porcelain (yeah, that didn’t go well for me). No matter how I followed the recipe on point, I can’t seem to get the right consistency so, what to do? Well, I found that there are air dry clays that can be bought online (will try to review those later…IF I get around to it, lol).

So, this is the result. ^_^



A college friend of mine asked me to make some Alice in Wonderland cake toppers for her daughter’s birthday. I used Hearty Clay along with Sakura Clay and some unbranded Japanese clay.



She asked me to make a separate bigger Alice and for the body I used the combination of cold porcelain (I somehow manage to get the right consistency through luck) and Modena Air Dry Clay.  For the stands, I used styrofoams and covered it with air dry clay. The rabbit was also made from styrofoam and covered with Padico Lightweight Paper Clay.


I find that this is a major stress-reliever for me and it’s quite fun to make. I’m currently making chibi Naruto, a request from my cousin… I don’t know how that’ll turn out. *fingers crossed*



DIY Ice Cream Cupcake Phone Case using EVA Foam

So, after weeks of hunting down the stores and getting frustrated because I couldn’t find any phone case that would fit my phone, I decided to make one. ^_^ Yummy ice cream cupcake phone case! (now, I’m craving for one..ugh)

I searched for some YouTube tutorials and found some pretty amazing ones. This is my version of Isa’s World cupcake mobile phone case tutorial. You can check out the video here at DIY crafts: cupcake mobile case EVA foam Isa and do check her YouTube channel also. There are lots of DIY tutorials in her channel that I’m dying to try! But…first things first!

The materials needed:


  1. Cling wrap
  2. Pencil/color pencils
  3. Glue (I used shoe glue) and Elmer’s Glue (for the glossy effect)
  4. Ruler
  5. EVA Foam
  6. Oil Pastels (for shading)


Decide on the phone case design you want (you can search the web for inspiration or make one of your own). After a bit of trial and error, I came up with this:


Once you have the design on hand, cut and trace it on the EVA foam which will become the base of your phone case. (It’s up to you what the main color would be..go crazy if you like ^_^)

Cut it until you have two identical parts like this:


Now, get your phone and measure its thickness. Cut the black eva foam using the thickness you measured. Its length will depend on your phone, but please note to take out an inch or so as indicated by the arrow. Example: My phone measured 17.4 inches so the black strip’s length was 16 inches.

Glue it together until you have something that look like this:


Once the glue dries, wrap your phone with a cling wrap (to protect it) and put the black strip around it like this. (sorry, I’m so bad at explaining things but you get it right?)

Put glue on the black strip and get the base you cut beforehand and place your phone (with the black strip) on it. Press a bit to ensure that the glue sticks and holds.

Get the second part of the green eva foam you have cut beforehand and place it on top to get the general shape of the phone and cut it like this. Now you have your top!

Cut some eva foam strips and roll it to form something like the one in the picture. This will serve as some sort of pillars as to not make the case hollow on the sides.

Place and glue the rolled strips all over the sides and then glue the front cover on top of it.

Measure the current thickness and cut a green strip to seal the sides.

Now, it’s time to put the ice cream cupcake design on the back. Cut and trace the design on the eva foam.



You can shade the eva foam using pastels or watercolors to add more depth.


Once you are satisfied, it’s time to put everything together on the back. ^_^



You can press your phone to the eva foam to create some indentation of the camera so that you’ll know where you’ll need to cut.


and now, you’re done!

If you like some glossy effect, you can slather some Elmer’s glue on it (but the smell of the Elmer’s glue on it isn’t really something I’m fond of…hopefully it will fade away in time?.. i wish..)

The End… lol… ^_^


I’ve been reading raves about cushion compacts for a little while now and I’ve been dying to get my hands on one. But since I’m very particular about the price when I’m trying new products, I decided to hold off on the temptation. lol. Who knew that browsing the FB profile of my favorite online seller, Mei Satsuki, would lead me to my doom. I saw the video review about April Skin Magic Snow Cushion on her page and that’s what led me to my downfall.

Here’s the link of the video (maybe it will tempt you too? lol)

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Video Review

Here’s the information leaflet on the April Skin site about the Magic Snow Cushion. ^_^



magic snow cushion1

Here’s the link on the ingredients analyzed by CosDNA: April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Ingredients

I got the shade 23 Natural Beige (the newest shade offered) for the price of 1250 php. (yep, my wallet was crying and I was praying all throughout that it would not disappoint.)


I’m so loving the black color!



And look! It was much larger than I expected (hooray for the big size! haha). I was expecting it to be just a normal compact size so I was really happy about this revelation for me.


The swatch on my hand ^_^


The comparison. Can you see the dark spots I have on my hands? The magic snow cushion totally covers it without it looking fake. You can hardly tell the difference right? It just looks like with magic snow cushion I have really good


Here’s what it looks like on my face. I don’t think my cam got the actual look of it on my skin. Sorry. 😦


So sorry about the bad skin..haha.. I’ve been having problems with breakouts lately. As you can see, I have problems with dark spots and pigmentation on my face. See that small red veins there (“broken” capillaries, spider veins or telangiectases), longstanding problem of mine and see how the cushion covers it all up without me needing my concealer. Hah! Take that red veins!


So, was the price justifiable for my crying wallet? Yes, yes, and triple yes!


  1. Flawless coverage. Yep, they got that right on the description. Coverage is good even with just a small amount. It totally covers my pores, dark spots, a bit of freckles, and of course my spider veins! It doesn’t cake on my oily skin and has a dewy finish – moist that makes my skin looks well hydrated. I like how natural it looks and feels. I couldn’t stop looking at the mirror! haha. (It’s like how my face would look without makeup if I got that perfect skin!)
  2. Excellent Spreadability. It was so easy to put on. Just tap, tap, and tap. The good part? It doesn’t irritate my skin (i have sensitive skin) and I’ve been using this for 4 days now and so far no breakouts whatsoever.
  3. Easily absorbs. No cakey-look or oily look for that matter. I tend to get oily throughout the day, but with the magic snow cushion, may makeup stays put. I did not even need a dusting of powder for touch up, and lasted throughout the day even with a bit of heat (no air-conditioned room for me and my brother did not comment na puwede nang pagprituhan ang mukha ko! Another plus. lol.)
  4. Fragrance is mild. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive nose. I’m very particular with the scents of the products I’m using so this is a plus for me. I so do not want to suffer a lot of sneezing and runny nose throughout the day.


So will I repurchase? Yes! I’m so buying a refill!

P.S. I also want to try the April Skin Magic Snow Cream… I just have to convince my wallet that it is totally worth it..haha!


Makeup Haul! ^_^ Peripera, Naturactor, Apieu!

I promised myself that I would try to resist online shopping, but lo and behold I spotted a Peripera Lippie Bundle from one of my fave online seller here in the Philippines and uugghh!!! there goes my resistance down the drain.. lol..


Of course I just couldn’t resist adding the naturactor concealer that I’ve been eyeing for sometime now and 2 Apieu Marker Pen Tint for my friend who fell in love with the Apieu Pen Tint when she tried it. ^_^

I just couldn’t resist taking pictures of my babies..teehee!


Peri’s Ink #1 It Lips ( My fave! ^_^)


Peri’s Tint Marker #1 Plum Stain


Peri’s Tint Crayon #5 Tasty Lips (My mom loves this to the point that she already had it lip-napped and secured in their room)


Naturactor Cover Face Concealer #171


Apieu Marker Pen Tint in Lazy Red and Pick-up Pink for my friend.


And of course, the freebies! I totally love that I was able to try out the Menow Generation II Long Lasting Lip Gloss #17.

If you’re here in the Philippines and you want to order Korean products, check out Mei Satsuki’s albums. She’s legit and so nice. Fast transactions too.

I mostly order through her facebook account Mei Satsuki.

But she does have a shopee account and some of the products are at a discounted price Mei Shopee.


Yay! All done on my first post.